TAB D Geography

Kuwait is located in the northwest corner of the Arabian Gulf, between latitudes 28o and 30o North and between longitudes 46o and 48o East. To the north and west it shares a border of 240 kilometers with Iraq, and to the south and southwest it shares a 250 kilometer border with Saudi Arabia. To the east it has a coastline of 290 kilometers along the Arabian Gulf.[242] The total area of the State of Kuwait is 17,818 square kilometers (6,960 square miles). Most of the Kuwaiti mainland is a flat sandy desert, gradually sloping down from the extreme west of Shigaya and Salmi (300 meters above sea level) toward sea level in the east. Shallow depressions and low hills that form a ridge at Jal Al-Zor (145 meters above sea level) break the terrain. The southern part of Kuwait is generally flat, with the exception of Ahmadi Hill, which has an elevation of 137 meters above sea level.[243]

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