TAB F – Kuwait’s Demography

In 1957 the first census provided an accurate, reliable, and steady flow of information on the population dynamics of Kuwait. Since that time, a census has been carried out every five years. The results of the April 1985 population census showed the population at 1,712,133. Estimates from the Central Statistics Office in the Ministry of Planning, as reported by Al-Shatti (1991), indicate that the population rose in mid-1988 to 1,958,477, in 1990 to about 2.2 million, and will rise to about 3 million by the year 2000, if the growth rate remains constant.[249] Figure 29 presents a map of Kuwait showing the major population centers and airports.[250] Population centers in Kuwait correlate closely with locations where US troops were based and to areas where atmospheric sampling and monitoring was conducted.

fig29s.gif (10470 bytes)

Figure 29. Major cities and airports in Kuwait

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