TAB E – Summary of Changes in this Report

Following publication of Version 1.0 of the Information Paper, we received comments about the toxicity of kerosene in Section VII, which stated "Kerosene, the fuel component of Iraq’s Scud propellants, also escaped during [Scud reentry] breakups, but kerosene is not particularly toxic, even after acute exposure." The source from which we drew this statement (the European Oil Company Organization for Environment, Health, and Safety web site) conflicts with some US publications, so, in this report, we clarify the intent of our statement. Based on official US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration documentation, we revised and clarified the potential health effects of exposure to kerosene by noting that this fuel is not particularly toxic in the concentrations likely to have occurred on the ground after a high speed breakup of a Scud on reentry.

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