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GulfLINK Search Engine Choices

The complete text in the GulfLINK database of recently declassified documents is redundantly indexed with 2 different search engines. Since many of the documents originated as poor quality scanned images, the choice of search engine may have a significant affect on the results of your search.

The following search engines are available:

  • Texis - from Thunderstone - EPI Inc.

  • Verity - from Verity, Inc.

Each search engine has unique features and strengths, summarized in the table below. Yes means the feature is supported, and Yes denotes the best implementation of that feature.

Search Engine Features 1 Texis Verity
Fastest search of whole site Yes

Highlight the search terms in document Yes Yes Yes
Group the results by data source Yes
Use approximate spellings (soundex) Yes Yes
Use word stems (stemdex)
Use case-sensitive terms (casedex)
Choose proximity of multiple terms Yes

Group the hits over Multiple Pages Yes Yes
Match on synonyms Yes

Show original document URL

Search WordPerfect documents (DIA)

View WordPerfect docs as plain text

Search over a selected date range

Search only a part of GulfLINK Yes Yes Yes
Sort results by relevancy Yes2 Yes Yes
Choose the fields shown in results Yes
Use boolean logic for multiple terms Yes Yes Yes
Match on word stem Yes Yes Yes
Choose max number of hits Yes
Refine Search from results
1 This table lists the search engine features actually implemented on the GulfLINK web site, not the full capabilities of the commercial products themselves.

2 Using Relevancy Ranking with Texis disables the Proximity, Synonyms, and Approximate Spellings capabilities.