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Apr 5 President Bush announces U.S. relief supply airdrops to Kurdish refugees in Turkey and northern Iraq
Apr 6 Iraq officially accepts cease-fire terms
Apr 6 Task Force Provide Comfort forms and deploys
Apr 7 U.S. transports deliver 72,000 pounds of supplies in first six Operation Provide Comfort missions
Apr 11 Cease-fire takes effect
Apr 20 Construction of first Provide Comfort tent city begins near Zakhu, Iraq
Jun 7 U.N. commission assumes responsibility for Kurdish refugees
Jul 11 Fire in Camp Doha’s North Compound motor pool
Aug 5 First report of container with unknown liquid content leaking at facility known as Kuwaiti Girls School
Sep 12 Explosive ordinance disposal personnel identified the contents of some small metal cans in a building at Camp Monterey, Kuwait, as o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, a riot control agent generally known as tear gas
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