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Surveillance and Response
Diseases covered by CSR
Disease outbreaks reported - index
Anti-infective Drug Resistance
Document Centre
Fact Sheets relating to CSR
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Communicable Disease
Surveillance and Response (CSR)

Global Infectious Disease Surveillance: WHO Fact Sheet 

Discover how surveillance works to ensure a timely
      response to infectious disease threats 

Find information on the following infectious diseases:

African trypanosomiasis                  Meningococcal Disease
Cholera and Epidemic Dysentery      Plague
Haemorrhagic Fevers                       Rickettsial Diseases
Hepatitis                                        Transmissible Spongiform
HIV/AIDS                                             Encephalopathies (TSE)
Influenza                                         Yellow Fever
Leishmaniasis                                 Rabies/Other Zoonotic

Updates on the global infectious disease situation from the
     Disease Outbreak News 

Anti-infective Drug Resistance - working against the
      growing problem of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

HealthMap - how mapping helps public health

Biosafety - care in the handling of potentially harmful
      biological  substances

Document Centre - documents and reports on CSR's work

Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER) -  information on
       cases and outbreaks of infectious diseases

International Health Regulations - monitoring infectious

International Travel and Health - health advice for travellers

WHO Report on Infectious Diseases: Removing Obstacles
       to Healthy Development

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