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Bernstein, Jonathan A. MD et al. Evaluation of Persian Gulf War Veterans And Their Sexual Partners with Burning Semen Syndrome. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Project attempting to 1) identify Persian Gulf War couples experiencing Burning Semen Syndrome; 2) to determine if these symptoms represent an immunologic, infectious and/or toxicologic etiology; and 3) to determine if there is a causal relationship between Burning Semen Syndrome and Persian Gulf War exposures.

Boden, Leslie I. PhD. et al. The Impact of The Gulf War on the Earnings of Mobilized National Guard and Reservists. Boston University School of Public Health. Discusses the impact the Gulf War had on the earning potential of Reservists and National Guard and the possibility that this may contribute to health problems.

Bourdette, Dennis N. et al. Immune Response to A Leishmania Tropica Recombinant Protein Among Persian Gulf War Veterans: Results From a Case-Control Study. Portland Environmental Hazards Research Center. Summary of a study done to determine if Viscerotropic leishmaniasis might explain the health problems of some veterans.

Hyman, Edward S. MD, et al. Apparently Successful Treatment of Desert Storm Syndrome Louisiana Medial Foundation. Summarizes a proposed study of possible treatment approach to unexplained illness based on previous successful treatments of veterans and their family members.

McPhaul, KM et al. Communicating Exposure Assessment and Clinical Outcome Results to Veterans Exposed to Depleted Uranium During the Gulf War. University of Maryland, School of Medicine. Discusses the challenge of disseminating information regarding exposure to depleted uranium to those that were exposed.

Milner, BI et al. Gallbladder Disease in Gulf War Veterans. John D. Dingell VAMC. Summarizes a study done on rates of gall bladder problems in Gulf War veterans in relation to the rest of the VA population.

Nicholson, Garth, Treatment of Systemic Mycoplasmal Infections in Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Syndromes. The Institute for Molecular Medicine. Discusses the possibility that Gulf War illness is due to multiple exposures to chemical, radiological and biological agents and that cause multifactorial illnesses, some of which are transmittable to immediate family members. or

Reed, Robert J. et al. The Seabee Health Study. Progress After 9 Months of Data Collection. Emerging Illness Division. Summary of study on all NavySeabees who served during the Persian Gulf War and their environmental exposures and morbidity rates to look for evidence of chronic disease.

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