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Subject:  SCOPE Newsletter, 193 Special Operations Group, Pennsylvania Air National Guard January, 1990

193 Special Operations Group, Pennsylvania Air National Guard

VOL. 19 No. I                         JANUARY, 1990                           HARRISBURG IAP, PA

The 193d Communications Flight is the only Guard or Reserve unit requested to provide personnel in Saudi Arabia to work with the 1st Special Operations Wing SOCCE  (Special Operations Contingency Communications Element).

193d Communications Flight personnel are providing special operations communications support which not only serves the 1st SOW but also serves the 193d Special Operations Group. The training obtained in Operation Desert Shield is very helpful in preparation for the 193d Communication Flight to become the first Guard and Reserve SOCCE Flight. Re-missioning of the l93d Communications Flight to that of the 193d SOCCE Flight is anticipated within the next few months.

Annual Field Training in SEP 90 for the 193d Communications Flight was conducted at Hurlburt Field with the 1st SOW SOCCE. This training enabled the 193d Comm Flt to work as stateside augmentees for the SOCCE personnel who were deployed to Saudi Arabia. 193d Comm FIt personnel provided round-the clock operations and maintenance support at Hurlburt Field. Outstanding performance by 193d Comm Flight personnel verified that the 1st SOW SOCCE could count on other than active duty personnel as critical augmentees.

         The following classification guidance regarding Desert Shield is provided as a reminder:
* Specific Desert Shield location - secret

*Sustainability of deployed force - secret

*Estimates of operational effectiveness - secret

*Specific operational mission of unit - secret

*Unit's operational area - secret

If you have any questions regarding the above points, call Maj. Eric Weller, ext. 243.

$11,000 RAISED FOR CFC Every year the 193rd SOG technician and AGR staff participates in the Combined Federal Campaign which supports many charitable organizations.

 Our 1990 contributions from 143 members of the 193rd established a new giving record:  $11,000. We appreciate all those who contributed. and a special thank-you to several guardsmembers who made contributions. -

SOG CCAF GRADS  We congratulate five 193rd members who formally received their Community College of the Air Force diplomas at last month Is Unit Welfare Council Service Award Ceremony.

The Associate in Applied Science diploma is awarded for successful completion of the degree program that relates to the member's Air Force specialty. -

		CMSgt John L. Gerstner			SSgt Michael P. Lundy
		193rd Civil Engineering Squadron 		193rd Tactical Hospital
		Maintenance Production Management  	Allied Health Sciences

		TSgt Kandy L. Sowards			SSgt John P. Schnee
		193rd Tactical Hospital			193rd Resource Management Squadron
		Allied Health Sciences			Logistics

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