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Request Procurement of the following:

Noun : Expandable Shelter Container (ESC)

FSN:  5410-00-145-5083EJ

For: 363 TFW/CRS Type IV PMEL 


1. With the Avionics Mobile Facilities (AMF) in the standard 
configuration,  the Type IV Precision Measurement Equipment laboratory 
(PMEL)  Integration Units (INUs) are situated off of the main walkways
of the AMF.  The purpose of this is to restrict movement through the 
calibration areas.  This reduces disruption of the calibration and 
maintenance process and reduces potential exposure of personnel to
hazards associated with the maintenance and calibration of Precision 
Measurement Equipment (PME).

2. Prior to setting up the AMF in it's present location,  alternative 
sites were evaluated.  None were found to be suitable. To accommodate
the AMF at the present local, the AMF is in a modified TAB-V 
configuration due to constraints of available space.  This required the
PMEL vans to be placed in the central corridor of the AMF. 

3.  With the PMEL situated in this high traffic area,  technicians  are
continually having their work and concentration disrupted to enable 
avionics personnel to pass through.  This is highly undesirable  when 
working with intricate procedures and elaborate equipment set-ups. 
This also increases the potential for costly mistakes on critical wing

4.  Denial of passage is a must at times due to the hazardous nature of 
some calibrations.  During those times, avonics personal must gain 
access to other areas of the facility by unlocking a second door which
does not have a cipher lock.  This decreases the integrity of the AMC
as a "Limited Access Area".  Two of the hazards are air and oil 
pressure up to 10,000 psi and voltages up to 19,000 volts AC and DC.
Addditionally, the facilities must be evacuated, bringing all
maintenance in the AMF to a halt, dudring calibration and maintenance of 
Emergency Power Unit test sets to avert accidental hydrazine
contamination of personnel by an improperly purged test set.

5.  Acquisiton of an ESC would alleviate disruptions and exposure of 
avoinics personnel to the hazards associated with the PMEL career
field.  Also, PMEL could highly utilize the additional work space
since they are supporting much more than their original tasking, i.e.
one additional F-16 squadron, the 53rd Communication Squadron, C-130s, 
and KC-135s.

6.  ECSs are available at Riyadah AB.  Request was made to CENTAF
through a SITREP report.

7.  P.O.C. is  [(b)(2)].

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