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            The Department of Defense aerial spray capability maintained by the Air Force
            Reserve (AFRES) provides for the aerial application of insecticide during
            wartime, emergency relief activities, and peacetime operations. The wartime
            mission is to ensure the maximum availability of deployed combat troops through
            protection from insect borne disease.  Aerial spray was used to control
            mosquito populations in the Southeastern United States following Hurricane
            Hugo.  Peacetime operations include vegetation and insect control at various
            military facilities in the US.


              Aerial spray mission conducted by C-130E aircraft modified to utilize the
              Modular Aerial Spray System (MASS)

                   Mission accomplished by the 907th Tactical Airlift Group (TAG), 356
                   Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAG), Rickenbacker ANGB, OH

                   Two C-130E aircraft are modified to accept the MASS and three aircrews are
                   qualified in the aerial spray mission

                   AFRES currently possesses four MASS and will accept the final two systems
                   prior to the end of FY91

               MASS consists of two groups of components:

                   Items that are physically attached to the aircraft prior to a spray
                   mission, such as the wing and fuselage spray booms

                   Palletized components which include the system's console and the two
                   holding tank modules

             Operations include:

                   Ultra Low Volume (ULV) operations which use the wing booms only

                   Low Volume (LV) and High Volume (HV) operations which use both the wing
                   and fuselage booms

             Chemicals used by the system are commercially available herbicides and
             insecticides which have been approved for use by the appropriate environ-
             mental. agencies

                   Each operation is approved in advance and uses the most environmentally
                   benign substance appropriate to the operation

                   Operations in the Southeast follow including Hurricane Hugo were judged to be
                   90-95% effective in controlling mosquitoes with no, adverse impact to human
                   or animal populations

              Major Kirk Bentson/HQ USAF/REOO/70230/25 Feb 91

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