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                                           DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE
                                      HEADQUARTERS TACTICAL AIR COMMAND
                                       LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE VA 23665

 ATTN OF:  SGPB                                                                                                  9 October 1991
SUBJECT:  Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm - Bioenvironmental
                   Engineering Experiences and Issues
           TO:    HQ USAF/SGPA (Colonel Robert Capell)
           1.  The attached documents outline the USAF Bioenvironmental
           Engineering (BEE) experiences and lessons learned during
           Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm and are forwarded for
           your information, appropriate action, and planning purposes.
           2.  I briefed this data to the HQ USAF/SGPA BEE staff on
           18 April 1991 during a five-hour presentation. On 2 and 3 May
           1991, HQ TAC/SGPB hosted a Post Desert Shield and Desert Storm
           Workshop to consolidate and further discuss lessons learned by
           deployed BEE Personnel. I later provided a condensed air staff
           briefing to the senior BEEs during the 18 June 1991 Command BEE
           meeting. The information contained here is a preview of the BEE
           data that will eventually be Part of the USCENTAF/SG after-action
           report for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
           3. Bioenvironmental Engineering played a mayor role during the
           Gulf War and was a pivotal factor in the overall success of the
           USAF medical mission. Please direct any questions that might
           arise concerning this report to HQ TAC/SGPB, F2

          DAVID L. POTTS, Lt Col, USAF, BSC            4 Atchs
          Command Bioenvoronmental Engineer             1.  Deployment Background
                                                                                    2.  BEE DS Workshop 
                                                                                    3.  BEE Lessons Learned
                                                                                    4.  BEE Corrective
                                                                                         Actions Plan
                                                                                    cc: TAC Host Unit/SGPB
                                                                                          HQ TAC/SG/SGP/SGX
                                                                                          HQ USCENTAF/SGX
                                                                                          Armstrong Laboratory


                                                Readiness is our Profession
                                                                                                             ATCH l

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