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File: aabxm_02.txt
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           --- AFMLO was trying at that time to determine the number of expired
               autoinjectors worldwide to allow us to assess whether sufficient in-
               date stocks existed for issue to deploying USAF forces. Since an
               assessment could not be made at that moment we elected to provide the
               guidance requested until the extent of the problem could be determined.

         -- Results of previous FDA extension testing have shown that moat atropine
            lots were extended, but 2-PAM-C1 lots frequently failed FDA testing.

         -- MAJCOMS deploying forces to OPERATION DESERT SHIELD have for the most
            part, been able to obtain in-date stocks for is sue to their personnel .
            either by obtaining stocks from other bases within their commands (which
            have in-date stocks they do not currently need) or through AFMLO (although
            early in the operation some personnel deployed without any or with expired

       -- Mr. Davis, SAP/MIX' asked us by telecon early in the operation if any
          expired stocks had been issued and stated that he wanted to be absolutely 
          sure that no lndividual deployed to the AOR would have expired or
          questionable CW antidote supplies.

         -- Several messages have been sent by RAUCOUS indicating that they intend to
            identify and replace any expired CW antidotes with 1p-date items.


         -- Issue of 1p-date chemical agent antidotes should be the rule.

         -- Since expiration-dated items are often found to be potent when tested and
            it is important to insure no lndividual deploys without CW antidotes, some
            ~1 ~ _
         be issued to deploying forces until arrangements can be made to provide
          in-date items. This should be done only as a last resort after all
           attempts to provide in-date items have been exhausted.

        -- MAJCOMs need Air Staff guidance on steps to take to minimize the number of
           expiration-dated items that would need to be issued and what to do should
           the latter be necessary.


         An immediate priority AF/SGHR/SGP message containing the following guidance
         on the issue of CW/BW antidotes was approved by SG2 and transmitted to all
         MAJCOMS 29 Aug 90:

        -- As far as possible, deploying personnel should be issued in-date CW/BW

        -- As soon as possible after notification of pending deployment bases
            should assess their capabilities to provide adequate in-date CW antidotes
            to deploying forces.  If they identify any shortages of in-date items,
            they should immediately notify their MAJCOM and request the
            required items.

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