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          MEMO FOR THE RECORD                                                                                                     27 Jan 91 

          SUBJECT: Suspected Foodborne Illness 1701 FAREFW

          TO: Brig Gen Caruana
          1. Between 1545 on 20 January and 1000 on 23 January 1991, 648
          patients reported to the 325TH TAC Hospital with acute
          gastroenteritis. Fifty-three were hospitalized and seven were
          placed in a duty not including flying status. All were returned
          to duty on or before 26 January 1991.
          2.  A smoked vea1 sandwich in a box meal  served al1 day on
          20 January 1991 was incriminated.   Clostridium perfringens was
          the suspected organism. This was based on clinical signs, the
          incubation period, and the fact that no aerobic organisms were
          cultured. Clostridium requires anaerobic conditions for growth.
          Clostridium perfringens could not be confirmed because the host
          nation laboratory did not incubate the sample under anaerobic
          3. The contractor providing the boxed meals had a poor sanitary
          history and Environmental Health had recommended before the
          outbreak that another contractor be used. Following the
          outbreak, the contractor was stopped from providing boxed meals.
          However, despite Environmental Health s recommendation, it was
          decided that the contractor would continue to prepare and serve
          meals at the Lockheed Compound where pilots are housed.
          DONALD W. BUTTS, Col, USAF, BSC
          Director of Professional Services
          Office of the Command Surgeon

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