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                                                          MEDICAL AFTER-ACTION REPQRT

    SUBJECT: Desert Shield/Desert Storm

    1. References:
       a. TACR 400-10, Medical After Action Report
       b. Aug 90 ATC Concept of Operations
       c. TA 889, ATC Table of Allowances
       d. AFR 160-43, Medical Examination and Medical Standards
       e. AFR 161-33, Aerospace Medicine Program
    2. Concept: Field Flight Hedical Support of over 800, 552nd AWACW deployed
    personnel including over 400 flyers. Courtesy, continuous support of
    approximately 100, 55 3RW (without dedicated deployed Flight Surgeon) and
    intermittent care of approximately 200, 7 ACCS, 300, 1700 SW, numerous Aerovac
    and occasional Army aviators.
    3. Significant Activities:
    a. 701 E-3 sorties totaling almost 9000 flying hours and over a quarter
    of a million flying man hours.
    b. Relocation of billets from Elf-one established civilian hotel to
    military housing area, Eskan Village.
    c. Epidemic of Shigella sonnei Gastroenteritis encompassing 85 cases and
    49 DNIFs within our 552 AWAC Wing population.
    d. Desert Storm mission tasking requiring completion of medication for
    selected recovering flyers after return to flylng duties.
    4. Attainment of Objectives: Maior Annes and Hajor Canfield had deployed 8
    Aug 90 with three ATCs and established initial 552 AWACs Flight Medicine    -
    Clinic. I replaced Major Annes. Shortly after arriving we ran clinics in
    dual locations to support transitionlng to Eskan Village. The 56 TAC ATH was
    our primary local referral and resupply center once they became established.
    Alerted 0900, 30 Aug 90
    Deployed 0900, 15 Sep 9O
    Operationally Active 2300, 16 Sep 90
    Redeployed 1600, 22 Mar 9l
    Arrived Home Stat10n 1300, 23 Mar 91
5.  Manpower:  Two 9356 Flight Surgeons and two 901x0 Aeromedical Technicians
    were continously deployed.

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