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		there to four.  This would bring to 20 the total number
		of E-models at Jeddah New.  The move was expected to
		begin on 27 Sep.

23 Sep		The 4300 PBW reports their CAFMS terminal is now				    1
		operational.  This will help STRATFOR to communicate
		with them, and speed the transmission of ATO and SPINS
		data to them.

23 Sep		The 19 AREFW unit deployed to Jeddah New outlines			    21
		it increased personnel requirements, looking to shift
		from being manned only for a short term deployment and
		instead getting settled into "long term sustained 

24 Sep		Tanker reps from the SAC unit at Seeb flew out to				    1
		the aircraft carrier USS Independence today to talk
		with the Navy pilots and staff.  The intent is to learn
		how to better coordinate mutual operations.

24 Sep		One of todays Rivet Joint missions wasn't flown:				    1
		three of the five RC-135 aircraft commanders is DNIF
		with a flu-like virus currently hitting Riyadh-based
		military personnel.  The malady is later discovered to
		be a form of food poisoning, and preventive measures
		are begun.

24 Sep		As a result of a CINCCENT tasking reported in the 				    22
		previous STRATFOR chronology, HQ SAC announced plans to
		deploy three KC-135R aircraft to Cairo West, Egypt from
		the 319th BMW, Grand Forks, ND.  Required support
		equipment and personnel were expected to arrive there
		no later than 28 Sep.

24 Sep		An additional U-2 SYERS aircraft is now tasked to			           1, 22-23
		deploy to the AOR with an estimated deployment date of
		2 Oct.  The aircraft will be sourced from Osan AB,
		Republic of Korea.

24 Sep		SAC beddown of aircraft in theatre as of this date:			             1, 24-25

		Location		Acft		MC
		Riyadh		  4 RC-135		  4
				10 KC-135Q		  8
		Jeddah New	18 KC-135E		17
				20 KC-135R		18
				  2 KC-10		  2
		Al Dhafra	  7 KC-135R		  6
		Seeb		10 KC-135R		  8
				  2 KC-10		  1
		King Khalid	20 KC-135R		 19
		Taif		  1 U-2			  1
				  2 TR-1		  2

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