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SRC Operations
1.  The primary SRC is located in Bldg. 48 and is colocated with the Wing Operations Center.  Extension is 3135.

2.  (U)	Limited space is available for SRC members and manning has bee kept to a minimum.  The following is a list of those members to the SRC by position:

	a.	(U)	SRC Commander - CSE Commander and ABOS Commander.
	b.	(U)	SRC Director - NBC Survivability OIC/NCOIC.
	c.	(U)	Disaster Preparedness Representative - as designated.
	d.	(U)	Explosive Ordnance Disposal Representative - as designated.
	e.	(U)	Civil Engineering Representative.
	f.	(U)	Security Police Representative.
	g.	(U)	Medical Representative.
	h.	(U)	Communications Representative (53 CCS).

3.  (U)	Once activated, the SRC will operate on a 24 hour basis as directed by the wing commander.

4.  (U)	The NBC Cell will be collocated in the SRC with the Disaster Preparedness Representative assisting in NBC Cell operations.

5.  (U)	The following actions will be accomplished by SRC members in addition to their own specific unit requirements.

	a.	(U)	Activation:

		(1)	(U)	Perform communications check with associated control centers and specialized teams.

		(2)	(U)	Ensure correct Alarm/MOPP status is passed to control centers and teams.

		(3)	(U)	Review attack response procedures in unit checklists.

		(4)	(U)	Review Buddy Care procedures.

                             (5)	(U)	Inspect protective equipment for readiness.

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