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                           OFFICE OF THE COMMAND SURGEON
                          APO NEW YORK 09852

              Reply To
               Attn Of: SGPB                                      28 Jan 91

              Subject: USAF Anthrax Detection Program
              To: SG
               IN TURN
                       1. As you are already aware (via the USCENTAF CV's msg
            271700Z Jan 91, entitled Anthrax Detection Program), a
               USAF Anthrax Detection Program has been implemented
               within the theater. With the receipt of this letter,
               you also received the equipment and supplies needed to
               conduct the required monitoring at your location.
               Please inform your wing commander immediately of the
               receipt of this equipment and your impending monitoring
               capability. Strongly recommend that you expedite set
               up of your monitoring system so that you are
              operational as soon as possible. When you become fully
               operational, indicate this status in your next MEDSTAT
               (bed status) report.
               2. The local OPR for the monitoring program should be
               the Bioenvironmental-Engineering (BEE) Office with the
               Laboratory functioning as the OCR. The BEE Office will
               need to establish close coordination with the Disaster
               Preparedness Office to integrate this monitoring
               capability into the base plan and to establish specific
               reporting procedures.

               3. The USCENTAF Disaster Preparedness Office (DOS)
               recently distributed a checklist entitled Biological
               Warfare Response Actions to their folks in the field.
               This package provides guidance on how the theater
               detection program is set-up and details reporting
               procedures. You will need to review this document to
               get a full appreciation concerning the total biological
               detection program. There are CENTCOM established
               specialized response teams located throughout the
               theater which have additional biological detection
               capability besides that which we are providing you.

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