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File: 052296_mar_decls7_0002.txt
Page: 0002
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Subject: ANTICIPATING A COMMUNICATIONS BLACKOUT                          

Box ID: BX000008


Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Folder Title: LNO FILES                                                                                       

Folder Seq #:         26

Document Number:         31

Document Date: 

Scan Date: 27-MAR-1996

    6.  In the event of a missile or air attack on our northern
        facilities, would the friendly forces provide medical
        support, including specialized chemical treatment, or is
        ?.ramco expected to provide all medical support to its
        personnel? Would emergency medical flights be permitted
        under such circumstances

    7.  In case of evacuation by offshore vessels from offshore
        plants and the northern area in general, are there any
        communication frequencies to be used in communicating with
        the friendly military forces for identification purposes
        and otherwise.

    A response to these questions and others which may be
    appropriate to raise but have not occurred to us would be
   ,very helpful in preparing realistic contingency plans.

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File Room = mar96_declassified
File Cabinet = Week-12
Box ID = BX000008
Parent Organization = ARCENT
Folder Title = LNO FILES
Folder Seq # = 26
Document Seq # = 31
Document Date = 01-JAN-1980
Scan Date = 27-MAR-1996
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