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File: 052296_mar_decls7_0001.txt
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Subject: ANTICIPATING A COMMUNICATIONS BLACKOUT                          

Box ID: BX000008


Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Folder Title: LNO FILES                                                                                       

Folder Seq #:         26

Document Number:         31

Document Date: 

Scan Date: 27-MAR-1996

    @.c are anticipating a communications blackout of our radio
        and microwave system. This will necessitate complete shut-
        down of operations. Is it likely that such a communications
        blackout would persist throughout the period of conflict?
    2.  we are similarly assuming a grounding of fixed-wing and
        helicopter flights. Would such a grounding extend through
        the whole period of conflict? Would offshore helicopter
        flights be permitted after the initial days of conflict?

    3.  We are assuming all roads leading north of JLtbail would be
        heavily congested. Would Aramco Company vehicles be
        allowed to proceed, including busing of our employees
        to and from work, or would this be restricted for an
        extended period of time?'-

    4.  Would the burning of oil and gas flares In onshore and
        offshore facilities be a cause of concern and would we
        be required to extizou@;sh such flares?
    5.  Are any Aramoo facilities  such as the Tanajib airs@trip  or
        Marine Terminal likely to  be used by the friendly forces
        and, if so, for how long?

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