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Subject: DIARRHEA UPDATE                                                 

Box ID: BX001440

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Folder Title: 24 IN DIV INFORMATION -2                                                                        

Folder Seq #:        182

Document Number:         79

Document Date: 

Scan Date: 04-JUN-1996

     @14  v

                                 INFORMATION PAPER

      SUBJECT: Diarrhea Update

      Cui%rently all units deployed in support of Operation Desert Shield
      ard'experiencing a renewed outbreak of diarrheal disease. During
      the,initial phases of the deployment, the 24TH rD experienced at 15
      - 20% attack rate. In general the disease was sel+ limited and
      responded to hydration, after full evaluation, the conclusion
      reached was that the most probable etiology of this outbreak was
      travelers diarrhea.

      Trav@lers diarrhea occurs whenever a person travels from one country
      to another, particularly if there i@ a change in climate, social
      conditions or sanitation standards and facilities. Stool cultures,
      laboratory studies and physical examination are usually
      unremarkable. Fever, Mucous or blood in the stool are usually

      In the past 2 - 5 weeks a more significant form of diarrhea has
      occurred in the A.0. Patients are experiencing significant symptoms
      including fevers lethargy dehydration and prostation.
      Significantly, stool cultures in the present wave of diarrheal
      disease have been positive for bacterial pathogens. In a few cases,
      Epidemiological evaluation has implicated fresh leafy vegetables and
      transmission by the fecal oral route (hand to mouth) as the most
      important links in transmission.

      In order to interrupt the spread of the disease the following
      actions are recommendpd-

          1.  Avoid all local foods especially salads and leafy

          2.  Enforce handwashing and basic sanitation practices   for all
              soldiers especially food handlers.

              Insure handwashing -Facili-ties are available in close
              proximity to all latrines.

          4. Local ice is currently being purchased. It is not potable
              and should not be used to directly coal drinks or food.

ave been a serious threat to military forces in
      all previous conflicts. The best defense is aggressive intervention
      to break the cycle of transmission.

                         J. BENJAMIN HALL/Division Surgeon

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