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File: 062096_may_decls30_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject: SITREP 7  17 AUG 90                                             

Box ID: BX001404

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Folder Title: ARCENT SITREP                                                                                   

Folder Seq #:         68

Document Number:         42

Document Date: 

Scan Date: 17-MAY-1996

                 if, 17 19A RFI: -,Fqk Rc3(-.ON,/F '@('.01(4A4)F,613-SA4i;
                                                                                                       P. P/1 I

                                                       IULUII[W I

                                                        S.ITRZ-.P 47
                                                      (ARC5NT CFWn'

                                     S@on continues @,@4-)l no tPaiCr Problems.

                                                             "'=Lmro.   HowL-Ypr, a medical co
                                                       p                                              rnp
               n-tw,i n  theator     6ATi P'rovidLb Some care.          Coo
                 Hos@    Natidn @dr.@                  biiing wc3rl.,ed hard in RIYAI)H.          E:cpect
               decision by 16 Aug         90-
                 400 ST    med@icdl: tiLl,pofie-z' on ORthN HRR&OUR,           ao ST @?gpec+mcl 4m tya
               issued t3r) r+l@. to MER)SOM in AOR.

                 Potency iand dated                     4for tnedir-all supply planning module #i
               being readied at USAMMCS in USAREUF\, +or shipment.

                 Sick fall mL-+-'s f4-@@an@ traLtma-si2ts               (29 eaL) being readied        in
               CONLJS +or shipment to ADF%'.
                                                                                                           A C'nc
                 No blood in ADR.          WROIL- bl,,Clv@i@availLtble in CONUS -For z@ioment to
               POR wmgrl needed.,                                hilocd ctc:=i@s in EL)COM bf?
               identified +or                                      shipment tm"ACR i-f required.

                 Air- ambulrnre caoit3,ility in,AOR              wi,.pected by approximately C,+12.

                 POL distribution being WO-IL"ed.                POL group being 4mrmed -n CDt4L'S
 tD  +12.    Will@ be ARC:EN;'5
               initial manager -For thwater PQ,@,

                 Trmalcing c3-F inbound @ir+I.Lnw di+4icult, moving support planning

                 Cl asr, 0-f  sup;D) Y.-

                      Class 1        MRE resupply -@o 82d 'Ab,-i =nmletec!.
                                                                 area ti2r.@lee, -did Fc)un@@ portable,
                     Bal,twrie!E -for     I @@hL AB@' r-cmmo iet;uipmL-r-.@. nearing crLitic3@-@ LK@,agie.b/

               submitted tiy-        LT.@ Thomas, ARC-=NT (5WD)l L@-IIOOR Aug In.

                                                        L li 11


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File Room = may96_declassified
File Cabinet = Week-19
Box ID = BX001404
Unit = 24TH ID
Parent Organization = XVIII CORPS
Folder Title = ARCENT SITREP
Folder Seq # = 68
Subject = SITREP 7 17 AUG 90
Document Seq # = 42
Document Date = 01-JAN-1980
Scan Date = 17-MAY-1996
Queued for Declassification = 01-JAN-1980
Short Term Referral = 01-JAN-1980
Long Term Referral = 01-JAN-1980
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