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Subject: PATIENT AFFAIRS LIAISONS                                        

Box ID: BX001433

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Folder Title: HOSPITAL REPORTS                                                                                

Folder Seq #:        450

Document Number:          2

Document Date: 

Scan Date: 03-JUN-1996


                                                                         091800C FEB 91

                                         Information Paper

               1. Purpose. To provide additional Information on the scope of the
               Patient Affairs Liaisons (PALS).

               2. Facts.

                   a. PALS    teams are located In all XVIII ABN Corps hospitals:

                              2nd MASH                  15th EVAC
                              5th MASH                  44th EVAC
                              10th MASH                 86th EVAC
                              28th CSH                  93rd EVAC
                              41st CSH                  109th EVAC
                              46th CSI]
                              47th CSH

                   b.   PALS continue  to perform those services addressed In the
                        paper dated 132215C JAN 91.

                        1.  24th ID Nametag
                        2.  24th ID Comfort   kit
                        3.  Casual pay, when needed
                        4.  Mail, when forwarded C/O Division Surgeon D-Rear
                        5.  Messages passed back and forth to unit
                        6.  Reporting daily status of patients

                   c.   PALS track 24th Infantry Division soldiers. There are not
                        sufficient resources from 24th ID to track family m@rs
                        who are assigned or attached outside of the Division.

                   d.   Responslbllty for tracking soldiers hospitalized in Germany
                        or CONUS lies with Casualty Branch, Fort Stewart, GA. The
                        PAL OIC will assist In requesting information from Fort
                        Stewart *once communication with FSGA is established.
   Please bring command Interest cases to the attention of the

               3. POC is ILT Beyer at 9-7663-101 or 9-7662-144.

                                                    J. BENJAMIN HALL, LTC
                                                    Division Surgeon

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