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Subject: ISSUE OF INDIVIDUAL SOLDIER CANA                                

Unit: 101ST ID    

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Box ID: BX001605

Folder Seq #:         66

Document Number:         47

                                                                   L5 FEB 91

                                      FACT SHEET

            SUBJECTs Issue of Individual Soldier CANA

            PURPOSET To inform Commanders about proper procedures and method of
            issue of CANA to soldiers.

            la FACTS.

               a. CANA(Convulsant Antidote for Nerve Agent) protects the brain from
            permanent damage from severe nerve agent poisoning. It is given after
            the 3rd MARK I Kit. When necessary each soldier it administered the
            CANA he carries. The active ingredient is valium.

               b. The unit of issue is one CANA injection per soldier to be carried
            with the three MARK I injectors in the mask carrier.

               C. CANA is a controlled substance, which brings two special
                           1. Unit supply officers will ensure appropiate
            accountability/responsibility is established when istuing CANA to

                           e. Units will be instructed to turn in all unused CANA
            prior to redeployment.

                                   HOWARD M. KIMES, LTC, DIVISION SUR(3EON

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