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File: 070996_jun_decls29_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject: FRAGO 1 91 31                                                   

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX000239

Folder Seq #:        131

Document Number:         10

                                                             Copy       Of      CDP i es
                                                                   -----  -----
                                                             HOS,  7th ENGINEER BRIGADE
                                                             OPERATION DESERT STORM
                                                             021600C JAN 91

                  FRAGO     1-91-31 to 7th Engineer Brigade OPORD 1-91

                  1. Situation. Physical proof of Iraq's use of chemical or
                  biological arjent!B will impact on national policy decisions, and
                  be used against Iraq at the World Court.

                  2. Mission. No change.

                  3. Execution-

                      a. Concept of the Operation. Unit@:will collect samples of'
                  Iraq's use 6f chemical or biological agents. The chain of
                  custody will start at the unit detecting the agent, continue
                  through the supported'unit or 7th Engineer Brigade, to the VII
                  Corps technical intelligence assets. Units will ensure an
                  unbroken chain of custody (similar to urinalysis samples).

                      b. S  ub-unit Instructions. All 7th Engineer Brigade units
                  will be prepared to collect samples'af Iraqi use of chemical or
                  biological agents.

                      C. Coordinating Instructions.

                            (1) There is no standard container required for these
                  samples. However they must be air-tight and preferably opaque.
                  To protect the samples,.non-opaque containers will be placed in a
                  dark over-container if possible- A sample approximately the size
                  of an ADAP bottle is sufficient. Units will decontaminate the
                  exterior of the bottle once they collect'the sample. An M23SAL
bleach will remove any possible agents. Once
                  the bottle is decontaminated, individuals will wear protective
                  gloves when handling the bottle.

                            (2) The following information will be an the sample

                            (a) The name (printed and signed),    grade., SSN of the
                  individual taking the sample.

                            (b) The designation and UIC of unit taking sample.

                            (c) The time and place of sample.-

                            (d)@ Each new custodian must sign for respon!4ibility-
                  This will include the time of transfer.

                                Units will confirm@lraqi chemical use using     organic
                  chemical  detection,equipment..:If this equipment indicates a
                  chemical  agent,@units will submit'An.NBC-il,conduct other actions

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