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Subject: SIGNIFICANT EVENTS SUMMARY  21 JAN 91                           

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Box ID: BX001414

Folder Seq #:        105

Document Number:          5

        21 JANUARY 1991

        2142Z:           notice from Corps (33 via TACSAT of 4 SCUD
        launches toward Dharahan, KKMC, Riyadh and Al Jabal. Corps HO
        masked. Notified D-TAC9 D-REAR and Victory Station. CPT Gilbert
        of Victory Station reported that he saw missiles fly overhead.

        2212Z: Update from Corps G3 indicated that 6 Patriot missiles
        were launched and all of them hit vic Dharahan.

        230OZ: Heiser ASP tasking signed by S3 and published. 2nd Bde to
        provide ASP guard beginning 210800C Jan 91. They will be relieved
        by Ist Bde an order.

        230OZ: SCUD launch alert guidance signed by S3 and published.

        0013Z: G2 Ops officer reports that an MS alarm went off'vic 2nd
        Bde TOC. They went to MOPP-4 and conducted detection operations.
        Reported at 0025Z that it was a false alarm and returned to MOPP-
        I .

        014OZ: TF 2-4 Cav reported that the Cdr,S3 and Avn Off went forward
        an a recon left OIOOZ in a civilian vehicle.

        0301Z: BB Scott and the DTAC called to say that the 52nd Eng Co is
        working north of PL Razor vic MT7329. Corps 63, the 36th Eng BP S3.
        BG Scotts 2 MAJ's and some MP's have gone forward to get positive
        control of 52nd Eng Co assets forward of PL Razor.

        043OZ: MAJ Wall 36th Eng Sp has been to the DTAC to coordinate
        directly. All Engineer ops in the area will be controlled by the
        DTAC Engineer.

                                      ARCHIE ELAM
                                      MAJ, SS
                                      63 Ops

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