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Subject: IMMUNIZATIONS                                                   

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Box ID: BX001433

Folder Seq #:        452

Document Number:          8


          AI=ZP-MD                                                'I Dcctzmber 1990

          MEMORANDUM FROM Chief of     Staff,  24th  ID  (M)


          SUBJECT- Immunizati,3ns
          1. The Purpose of this memorandum is to outline the plan for
          immunizing thelsoldiers of the 24th          (mi, aurl'ng Operation Desert

          2.  Concept:

              a.   All soldiers assigned to the Division will receive their
                   annual inf ILienza immunization O.5E:c, and a- 2cc7-booster of
                   immune clobulin. This booster will be given regardless of
                   the amount previ-_gus         ived.

              b.   This will be accomplished tYy Major Subordinate Commands and
                   separate Battalions during 27 Dec - 5 Jan. Final status
                   reports upon completion of the process are due to the
                   Division Surgeon's Office NLT 7 Jan 91.

              C.   Materials will be obtained through the unit's supporting
                   medical company.

          3.  Responsibilites:

              a.   Each battalion or unit will:

                   1.   Identify the number of personnel in the unit requiring
                        IS6 and influenza.

                   2.   Order sufficient ISG and influenza vaccine and
                        supporting materials through the Supporting medical
                        company at least 1 day prior to the date of
                        implementation. Serum will be@ssued in iced coolers,
                        and units will establish a method for proper storage and
                        maintenance of temperature.

                   3.   Return unused material and     vrccines to medical company
     immediately -I@,3n completion of immLtnizati-.,,i process.

                   4. Obtai.r@ ata.,Jiti-ona.1 medical          from DI-11:@U ic?-.7662.1tC..)
                        as required.

                   5.   Provide medical personnel for- the. immunization process

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