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File: 072496_jun96_decls17_0001.txt
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Subject: JULLS LONG REPORT                                               

Unit: 82D AB      

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Box ID: BX001511

Folder Seq #:        297

Document Number:         22

                                                                  I, ,       :@i &(,I LfA
                                        JUI,LS LONG lirPOItT      '\)y:J,)@ t Ps-o@
             I  (t)) -TUI.LS NTIMBER-. 50064-80708 (00006), submitted by 2-325 AIR,
             2LT E.D ARNOLD, 230-9000, (919)432-0000.

             2. (U) Op@?-Ation T)ESERT STORM '-Ql conducted by CENTCOM or, 01/18/01.

             3. (IF) KEYWORDS: 1.0(;TSTTCS, SHOWER SERVICES.

             4. (TT) TT',I,E: pi(..I(l Satlitat.ic,n

             S. 4@-H OBSERVATION: Field Sanitatio)i supplies and support wer-e
             Inzideqtiati- during D@@@.qr..rt St-oi,m.

             6. Wt DISCIISSION: In the Ta   'otical Assembly.Arna (TAA), shower
             fa@ilitips wert-. lintftf!d, ]Laundry not practical And latrin.-
             mxipplies sparvp. There is no substitute for good hygiene, And
             th@ Impact of nor,-t,rttlp c-ELPualfleq can be enormous an units
             that do not PrActice good field hygiene.

             7. @ LESSON 1,EARUrD! It is difficult to maintain good hygiene
             wa'tl)oot vbowerg and only two uniforms. It latrines ar(-. t(i he
             bitilt. to c;tandatds. t-he supplies for building them must, be made

             8.      RECOMMENDED ACTION:   Issue more uniforms, Rnd provide
             proper shower facilities. The chemical decon. apparatus found
             tie th(, chemical plitto,)ns can be substifI.ItAil for -t)IOWer and
             laundry unity.   Apriz,opr-latc4 wood and others TnateripLIs needed for
             t,ile@ COnSt.Pl.111i.iOA Of lat-rin@s must be made avil lable.

             9. COMMENTS: Norte

             ---  (TI) SU14.TRCT: LOGISTICS


                  (TI) L,?as,-,n dist.I,LlNutpd by: BDE.

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