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File: 072496_jun96_decls37_0001.txt
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Subject: DAILY COMMANDERS SITREP                                         

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX000254

Folder Seq #:         30

Document Number:         94

             CDR, 2AD(F)                   041800(c) MAY TO 051800(c) MAY 91
             CDR, VII CORPS G-3
        ,@@JECT: Daily Corunander's SITREP                 UNCLASSIFI

        PART 1 (5) Operations Summary.
             A. Operations. TF Rafha continues the security mi
        Camp I vicinity LU 983029, DC Camp II vicinity LT 540779. and the
        operation of the temporary holding DC Camp III vicinity LT 828988.
        The TF consists of 2AD(F) HHC (-) , 1-41 IN BN (-), 498 FSB (-),
        793d MP BN (-) (with 3 MP companies, and a French Infantry company
        OPCON), an attack helicopter company, a engineer construction
        company (-), 2 MP EPW processing companies, a medium truck company,
        a medium/light truck company and associated support slice. The 793d
        MP BN (-) has counted 31 men, 22 women, 11 children (total 64) and
        14 vehicles into the camp between 040600 MAY-050600 MAY 91. During
        the same reporting period, the 793d MP BN has counted 34 men, 28
        women, 13 children (total 75), and 15 vehicles outbound from the
        camp.    The total inbound number of persons counted is 5,901 people
        and 595 vehicles. The total outbound number of Iraqis leaving from
        the Rafha DC Camp is 2,564 in 296 vehicles. During this reporting
        period the MP check point has not confiscated any weapons or
        ammunition. Significant activity during the last 24 hours at the DC
        (1) Processed and moved                  Safwan refugees to Rafha II.
        (2) Processed and moved                   Safwan refugees to Rafha III temporary
        holding camp vic LT 828978.
             Moved           Safwan refugees from Rafha III to Rafha II.
             To date, processed and moved a total of                   Safwan refugees.
             Have a total of                  left at Rafha I to move to Rafha 11.
        (6)  Conducted an Saudi requested EOD mission on a suspected Iraqi rocket
 device, and confiscated refugee weapons and ammuni
        The main body of 2AD(F) departed for port today. All but one track has <
        at port. Only the advance party, clearing party, and main body remain al

        B.   Brigade Personnel and Equipment Status:
                MBA             RAA         PORT          LOAD          DEPART
             12*/18%        57.4%/8%      16.8%/75%        0/0         13.8%/O

        C.   Rafha Personnel Status:

             2AD(F)                         506
             B/1-1 AV                         26
             527 EN BN                        53
             793 MP BN                      687
             420 & 358 MP  CO's               99
             354 CA TM                        15
             DET/142 MI BN                    14                          UNCLASSIFIED
             590 TRANS CO                   105
             1087 TRANS CO                    51
             TOTAL                          1513

             D. Training: Training continues to emphasize mission support of

                         DECLASSIFIED ON 12 Jul 1996 per SECARMY (DAMH) UP SEC 3.4 EO 12958

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