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Subject: MEDICAL EVALUATIONS                                             

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX000222

Folder Seq #:        126

Document Number:         19

                                     DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                     Headquarters, VII Corps
                                          APO NY 09756

              AETSSU (40)

              MEMORANDUM FOR Commanders, major Subordinate Commands

              SUBJECT: Medical Evaluations

              1.   Message, COMUSARCENT, 04153OZ Mar 91, subject as above,
              directed medical evaluations for all VII Corps soldiers, both
              active and reserve component, while still in southwest Asia.
              Further guidance received from ARCENT gives first priority to ARNG
              and USAR soldiers.     Every effort will be made to complete the
              evaluations, but departure will not be delayed for this purpose.

              2.  Evaluation will consist at a minimum of a detailed medical
              history (SE 93) including current complaints, height, weight,
              pulse, blood pressure and physical examination and interview by a
              medical officer. other testing will be done only if required.

              3. Units with organic medical officers will-begin implementation
              immedi-ately.   other units wi'll coordinate with      I medical unit
              providing area support car contact the 332d Medical Brigade for
              assistance.    Necessary @forms and additional guidance may be
              obtained from the 332d Medical Brigade.

              4.  Addressees will submit a weekly progress report to the Corps
              Surgeon.    Reports will cover a seven-day period ending each
              Saturday and are due by 1700 each Monday. Telephonic responses are
              acceptable. Format is as follows:

                   a. ARNG: # assigned, # of physicals performed

                   b. USAR: # assigned, # of physicals performed

                   c. Active Duty; # assigned, # of physicals performed

              VII Corps POC is SGM Seager,               66.

              FOR THE COMMANDER:

                                                Brigadier General, U.S. Army
                                                Chief of Staff


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