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Subject: BLOOD MANAGEMENT PROGRAM  19 DEC 90                             

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Box ID: BX001433

Folder Seq #:          3

Document Number:          2

                                                           19 December 1990

                                INFORMATION PAPER

      Subject: Blood Management Program

      Purpose: Outline blood management procedures for the 24th Infantry
      Division (Mechanized).


      1. The Division Surgeon has developed an SOP for the management of
      blood products within the Division and will supervise the program.
      The lowest lev ,el medical treatment facility where blood will be
      admini@+:ered is the medical company and only packed red blood
      cell (PRBCS) will be used.

      2. Blood is delivered to the Division based on requests as
         identified by the daily blood report. The report is
      consolidated from data generated at the medical company. This
      report is delivered to CORPS daily, and the requested blood is then
      delivered to a designated forward point, (i.e. CSH) for pick up by
      the Division.

      3. Each medical company can hold 30 units of PRBCS with surge
      capacity to 60 units. Blood is stored in specially designed
      storage refrigeration systems which maintain the temperatures
      within the range of I - 6 degrees C. Properly maintained, blood
      can be stored for up to 35 days. Blood is transported in blood
      transport coolers with ice, which can also store blood for several
      days. However, this storage system must be monitored carefully for

      4. The Division will attempt to operate in the 0 phase of
      transfusion which provides only 0 type blood (universal donor) to
      patients. The A/D phase is available which requires simple typing
      and dog tag verification for those patients receiving type A. A
      random mi>-. of blood types in the population is 85%, with either
      type A or 0. Thus some patients can receive type A and non - A
      type patients will receive 0.

ties will require the immediate transfusion of blood.
      Physiological stability can be maintained with fluids even in cases
      of substantial blood loss. This plan is easily implemented and
      will allow for timely trans-FLtsion for those patients that need
      blood. The plan has been discussed with Sde medical personnel and
           .  d their concurrence.

                                          J. BENJAMIN HALL/Division Surgeon

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