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File: 081296_jul96_decls15_0001.txt
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Subject: ANNEX M  SERVICE SUPPORT  OPLAN 65-91M                          

Box  ID: BX001201

Document Number:         11

Folder Title: ENEMY EQUIPMENT DESTRUCTION REPORTS                                                             

Folder Seq #:        104

Unit: 1ST AD      

Parent Organzation: VII  CORPS  



        Reference. Maps: K502, 1:250,000, Special 1AD Issue.

        Time Zone Used Throughout the Order: CHARLIE

        1.       GENERAL. CBS is phased to support the Movement to Contact. The
        3 phases of support are: A) movement to LD, S) conduct of refuel
        operations enroute, and C) conduct of rearm/refuel/rqfit operations and
        establishment of a Forward Support Area (FSA) VIC ATTACK POSITION PYTHON.

            a.         PHASE IIIA. DISCOM, ICW 7th Spt Group and 341st MED Group.
        provides tailored CBS package to accompany the Division Main Body across
        the LD. Class III and V vehicles, maintenance, and C2 comprise the bulk
        of the CBS package. FSBs provide tailored CBS to supported Brigades.
        Remaining FSB assets move with the initial DISCOM CBS package. Remainina
        DISCOM, 7th Spt Group, and accompanying 341st MED Group assets deploy O/L
        IAW 1AD Movement Plan.

            b.        PHASE IIIB. Units conduct tactical refuel operations VIC PL
        MELON for 1AD MlAl tanks only. (Be prepared to conduct VIC PL APPLE as
        the situation dictates.) Units refuel from their own fuel HEMMTS. Unit
        HEMMTs are refueled by 7th Spt Group tankers. Empty 7th Spt Group tankers
        return to FAA GARCIA to refill until fuel bladders in GARCIA are empty,
        then to LOG BASE ECHO for subsequent refill. Full unit, DISCOM, and
        remaining 7th Spt Group tankers continue forward movement. Subsequent
        refuel operations occur VIC PL MAINE only if necessary to support combat
        operations. Designated refuel sites serve as subsequent Division Logistic
        Release Points (LRPs).

            C.        PHASE IIIC. DISCOM establishes a Forwa@d Support Area in
        PYTHON. DISCOM, ICW 7th Spt Group, establishes FSSP as part of the FSA.
rting engineers construct an airfield capable
        of handling C-130 aircraft for aerial resupply and air evacuation from the
        MASH. CBS units provide essential rearm, refuel, refit; initiate buildup
        of supplies to support follow-on phases of the operation; and prepare to
        conduct reconstitution. Initial LOG Packs begin to move forward as soon
        as DISCOM calls them forward.

        2. (U) MATERIEL AND SERVICES. Units deploy from FAA GARCIA with full
        UBLs and 3 DOS unless otherwise noted. Only combat essential materiel
        will be carried forward. Non-essential equipment will be downloaded to
        provide haul space for ammunition, fuel, and water.

            a.   (U)  Supplies.

                 (1)  (.U) Class I.

                      (a) (U) Ration mix is C/C/C.


        Declassified per SECARMY by CMH: 07-30-1996

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