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Subject: IMMUNIZATIONS                                                   

Box  ID: BX001440

Document Number:          3

Folder Title: 24 IN DIV PROCEDURES                                                                            

Folder Seq #:        171

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent Organzation: XVIII CORPS 

         AFZP-MD                                        21 December 1990

         MEMORANDUM FROM Chief of Staff, 24th ID (M)


         SUBJECT:  Immunizations

         1. The purpose of this memorandum is to outline the plan -For
         immunizing the soldiers of the 24th ID (M), during Operation Desert

         2. Concept,

             a.  All soldiers assigned to the Division will receive their
                 annual influenza immunization 0.5ce and a 2cc booster of
                 immune globulin. This booster will be given regardless of
                 the amount previously received.

             b.  This will be accomplished by Major Subordinate Commands and
                 separate Battalions during 27 Dec - 5 Jan. Final status
                 reports upon completion of the process are due to the
                 Division Surgeon's Office NLT 7 Jan 91.

             c. Materials will be obtained through the unit's supporting
                 medical company.

         3. RL-sponsibilites:

             a. Each battalion or unit will:

                 1.  Identify the number of personnel in the unit requiring
                     ISS and influenza.

                 2.  Order sufficient ISS and influenza vaccine and
                     supporting materials through the supporting medical
                     company at least I day prior to the date of
                     implementation. Serum will be@i@slted in iced coolers,
                     and units will establish a method for proper storage and
                     maintenance of temperature.

                 3.  Return unused material and vaccines to medical company
                     immed4,ite7,/ upon completion of immunization process.

                 4.. Obtairt..aciLli'tic3nal-.ttedical &,Ltpport, from 14OC- (9@766,@-50)
                     as retivired.

onnel for tne immunization process

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