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File: 081296_may96_decls2_0001.txt
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Subject: FIRE SUPPORT CONCEPT                                            

Box  ID: BX001410

Document Number:          5

Folder Title: DESERT SHIELD 90  DECEPTION PLAN                                                                

Folder Seq #:          4

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent Organzation: XVIII CORPS 

                                FIRE SUPPORT CONCEPT

        The concept for fire support is to forward position and mass
        a minimum of two FA brigades and DIVARTY to support breaching
        operations by the 3d ACR and the penetration by the Division. The
        exploitation phase will be supported by DIVARTY and reinforced by
        212 FA Bde. Close air support and attack aviation will focus on
        destroying any counterattacking forces in specified engagement
        areas. The initial attack will be supported by a heavy conventional
        preparation, focused on enemy ADA, +ire support, CPs and forward
        deployed units. Sd ACR will be reinforced by the 75th FA Bde during
        breaching operations. FASCAM will be employed along the flanks to
        isolate the enemy, delay enemy counterattacks and support engagement
        by CAS and attack aviation. Electronic warfare will jam command and
        control nets. In the exploitation, the lead brigade will be
        supported by 1-41 and rein-Forced by a battalion from the the 212th.
        2nd Bde and the 197th Bde will each have one FA battalion in direct
        support. Once committed they would each receive a reinforcing FA
        battalion. D3.varty will retain control of MLRS, the 212th FA Bde
        will reinforce Divarty.


                                                      DECLASSIFIED ON 1 Aug 1996 PER
                                                      SECARMY (DAMH) UP SEC 3.4 EO

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