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File: 081996_jul96_decls39_0001.txt
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Subject: CLASS I SUBSISTENCE PROCUREMENT                                 

Box  ID: BX000426

Document Number:        399

Folder Title: 3RD ARMY STAFF LESSONS LEARNED 91                                                               

Folder Seq #:         11

Unit: ARCENT      

Parent Organzation: CENTCOM     

       1. (U) JULLS NMER: 22556-23900(00002). submitted by
     @TC Dabloisp AFRD-MD-SPO*              (000)498-1189.
       2. (U) Desert @ield 90 conducted on 09/29/90
       3. (U) XMORDS: None.
       4. (U) TITLE: Class I Subsistence Procurement
       S. (U) OBSERVATION: Class I subsistence procurement was beg=
       in theater early after initial deployment for Desert Shield.
       Host Nation funding systems began early after C+l to provide A
       rations for deployed =its.
       6. (U) DISCUSSION: Contracting agents  of all services ignored
       the fact that Saudi Arabia had no Veterinary approved sources
       for Class I procurement. Agents executing the delivery ofia
       Host Nation feeding system also ignored the fact that food must
       be obtained from safe approved sources in order to protect the
       health of deployed troops and prevent or alleviate foodborne
       enteric disease. Foodborne illness is co=only caused by many
       perishable food items procured in foreign countries where
       standards of food safety and processing control do not approach
       controls allpied in CONUS or other established theaters.
      .7. (U) LESSON           Class I subsistence, and especially
       pers@le itpmr- such as dairy products, ice,, real meats,,
                              fruits and vegetables should never be
                                   nor contracted for delivery, until
                                      identified by the proper U.S.

       S. (U) RECOMHMMED ACTION: ARCENT Veterinary and adequate
       Veterinary staff should be immediately deployed to theater
       exercises to assure safe sources of food. This deployment   of
       Veterinary resources must be recognized early and all
       contracting officers made aware that food source Class I
       procurement must be preceded by proper iledical approval of food

       9. (U)              e.


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