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File: 081996_jul96_decls74_0001.txt
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Subject: GARRISON PACKAGE                                                

Box  ID: BX000426

Document Number:        358

Folder Title: 3RD ARMY STAFF LESSONS LEARNED 91                                                               

Folder Seq #:         11

Unit: ARCENT      

Parent Organzation: CENTCOM     


      3.. (U) JULLS NMER: 22361-06600(00001)g, submitted by
      Consultantr., COL Ma@e*           f (000)498-0813.

         (U) Desert Storm 91 conducted an 02/23/91

      3. (U) XMORDS: None.

      4. (U)         Garrison Package
      S. (U) OBSERVATION: In the setting of a large population of
      troops there will be a significant n      of patients who could
      be rapidly returned to duty in theater but whose conditions
      can$'t be treated with currently fielded equipment.

         (U) DISCTYSSION:
      2. COL Fa=er,, Co of 85th EVAC reported during a site visit
      that his facility was handling well over 100 sick call visits
      per day and running a pre-combat c@     of up to 140. M=p
      problems encountered were routine conditions which required
      equipment not available in theater and generally'not of 3nuch
      use in treating combat injuries. Such conditions and the
      required equipment to evaluate or treat them included:

         a. Chest pain (treadmill)
         b. Asthma (screening spirometry)
         C. U.G.I. bleeds (upper GI endoseopes)
         6. Persistent and/or bloody diarrhea
      (flexible si@idoseope)
         e. Knee injuries (diagnostic and operating arthroseope)
         f. Abnormal Pap smears/biopsies (culposeope)
      2  Many such patients had to be evacuated out of theater for
      care, with resulting dela@s in return to duty or loss to the
      theater. Reliability of host nation support is poor,, and may be
      totally absent in the next war.

      3. Adequately trained personnel are already available to ban
      such conditions.

      7. (U) LESSON LEARNED: There should be increased capability in
      the theater of operation to diagnose and treat "peacetime"

      B. (U) RECO    ED ACTION: That a "garrison package* of
      @pment, including but not necessarily lizited to,, those its-ma
      number of facilities designated by the senior medical officer in
      the theater.

      9. (U) COMMENT:


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