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Subject: NBC READINESS                                                   

Box  ID: BX005007

Document Number:         55

Folder Title: CLOSE-OUT AAR VOL 14 OF 16                                                                      

Folder Seq #:         21

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organzation: ARCENT      

        AFRD-SPO                                                  September 91


        SU3JECT: NBC Readiness

        1. All commanders must review Unit NBC Readiness. This memorandum
        provides minimum essential requirements in reviewing individual
        soldier preparedness for reaction to and protection from possible NBC

        2. The first step in NBC Readiness is psychological. Soldiers must
        have the confidence that they are not helpless. Many simple,
        common-sense measures and performance of individual soldier's skills
        will prevent or limit injury.

        3. The following NBC equipment must be checked immediately for
        availability and serviceability:

         - individual protective masks with filters and hoods.

         - Canteens fitted with Ml drinking caps.

         - M25SAl or M291 Decontamination kits.

         - Chemical Protective Overgarments (CPOG).
           (Note: Soldiers must not rip storage packages haphazardly as this
           limits restorage and future serviceability of CPOG. To maximize
           serviceability of overgarments, it is critical that soldiers cut
           open the storage pack in such a manner that the pack can be easily
           taped to restore the CPOG as necessary. Situation may dictate
           that the CPOG be worn for a period of time, returned to
           overgarment pack for storage, then worn again at a future period
           of time. Soldiers must be reminded of proper procedures for
           opening overgarments packs. NBC "Lessons Learned" from Feb-Mar 91
           Operation Desert Storm indicates that repackagability of CPOG's
           was an operational issue).

         - Detection and monitoring equipment in unit (e.g. M8 and or M9
           Detector Paper, M256Al Detector kit, and Chemical Agent Monitor).

         - Nerve Agent Antidote Injectors.

        4. Training on common soldier's tasks for "Protect Against NBC
t be reviewed.

        5. In event of a SCUD alert/attac@, soldiers must react immediately

        6. POC is CPT Jenkins, 22D SUPCOM Chemical Officer, G-3 Force
        Management, ext 3564.


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