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Subject: ANNEX M NBC OPERATIONS TO OPORD 91 11                           

Box  ID: BX005007

Document Number:         53

Folder Title: CLOSE-OUT AAR VOL 14 OF 16                                                                      

Folder Seq #:         21

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organzation: ARCENT      

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             1. SITUATION

                a. Enemy Forces.
                   (1) Annex B (Intelligence) to OPORD 91-11.
                   (2) Nuclear: No known nuclear threat at this time.
                   (3) Biological: No known threat biological capability.
                   (4) Chemical: Threat forces have not used chemical weapons
             in the ARCENT-SUPCOM theater of operations. Threat forces are
             capable of employing chemical agents throughout friendly area of
             operations. Chemical weapons may be combined/mixed with
             conventional artillery preparatory strikes. The threat may mix
             blister agent (Mustard) or nerve agents (Tabun or Sarin) with
             artillery fire. Chemical delivery systems include bombs,
             rockets, artillery shells, aircraft-delivered sprays and
             possible SCUD configuration. Recent UN inspections have
             confirmed the existence of IRAQ's capability to employ chemical
             warheads on SCUDS. IRAQ's chemical SCUD capability places all
             friendly forces within SCUD range within jeopardy. The most
             probable chemical fill for SCUD warheads is NERVE AGENT (TABUN
             or SARIN).

                   (5) Smoke and Obscurants: Threat forces are not expected
             to make use of smoke munitions or flares to degrade friendly
             target acquisition and guidance systems.

               b. Friendly Forces
                   (1) Annex A (Task Organization)
                   (2) 22nd SUPCOM SCUD ATTACK SOP dtd 20 SEP 91 in effect.
             See Appendix 1 (SCUD ATTACK SOP) to this Annex.
                   (3) 22nd SUPCOM G3 provides the NBC cell (located in the
             analysis for liquid agent samples using FUCHS (Fox) vehicle
             analysis systems.

               c. Attachments and Detachments

                   (1) ACSPERS will attach 2 Chemical Officers (74A) in the
             grade of 03, and 2 Chemical NCOs (54B), grade of E-7 to the G3
             LOC NBC cell if Patriot Missile systems are deployed to SWA.

             2. MISSION The 22nd SUPCOM NBC Cell, located in the ARCENT
             LOC, will serve as the NBC Warning and Reporting System (NBCWRS)
             focal point. All requirements for NBC reconnaissance,
             detection, monitoring, and decontamination beyond individual
             tasks and organic unit capabilities will be channeled to the NBC
             Cell. The NBC Cell will be the single point of contact for all
             NBC requirements affecting FASCO ROSS and FASCO CHRISTIAN. The
             SUPCOM NBC Cell will organize a SCUD Contact Team (SCT).

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