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File: 092396_aug96_decls26_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject: MEDICAL INTELLIGENCE                                            

Box  ID: BX000465

Document Number:         53

Folder Title: 18TH ABC OPLAN DESERT SHIELD I  5 OCT 90                                                        

Folder Seq #:          4

Unit: ARCENT      

Parent Organzation: CENTCOM     


                                                        HQ, XV= AEN
                                                          6 OCT 1990

                TAB A M            3 M AN= D 70 XV171 AEN CORPS O@                    SR= I
                KMICAL          GM= (U)

                1. (u) @ principal mdirnl facb= which aff@ mLUtary @ticns in
                the ACIR are:

                    a. (u)                 damdation due to heat. Without
                            @-,. heat w:L-U cause najcr @citatim, in
                unaoclimted troops. @                heat of sl=aer (@ through
                averages 27 - 46           CelsiM (82 - 115                      t) With
                       tUreS @ently                  49 d        @Us (120
                Fahrenheit).         is no surface water. Deep wall ard oases are
                sparse. Water wiU hecve to be @@. Soldiers may have to canslme
                (@@ @ preparation) Up to fcur (4) gallons of @e Water daily
                to          debydratimi and heat in3ury. salt tablets are                   and
                coed be                         tizatim may be precluded by the tatatical
                situation, but r-hc4llc3 be prar-ticed to the mg3drm          possible.
                @es and o              should be used to lessen the off@ of @ and
                   *b.         Perf@ degradation due to

                            -M @toes.                     is not omisir3,-rW a @cal tbreat
                within cur AO. Om foll                      are ccns                  @: ASH
                         , AR       ,. AL        ASH            , AL MW.              iS @
                coming a threat Jn                          QATAR,         or UN17M ARAB
t in southweste=               of
                mm Amm,                aW and in the                          of MM (MBUK,
                      0        and                 . Dengm is a               threat, but has
                not bem reported for several yearr.. S@3z               has been        ted from
                      toes along thL-        in the                          Im@n cases have
                not been                   y.                               Coding the use
                Of repall@l          d be @ged.                   ve           1-@@        d be
                djeplcyad to           the        pcpilaticn as early as possible.

                        (2)        sandflies.         tkm in          and villages are
                       ve to the       gaticn of large populations of sandflim from April
                to N        , rwU@ in a threat from               y fever and @
                        ticns.                   for       y Fever is low.            ics have

                                                                          BY:             SCURCES
                                                                     IFY CH:   OADR

                                                     D-3-A-1          ON: 30 AUG 96
                                                                      BY: SEC ARMY (DAMH) UNDER SEC 3.4
                                                    IN                EO 12958


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