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File: 092496_aug96_decls15_0001.txt
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Subject: PAINT OPN IN SWA  5 APR 91                                      

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005154

Folder Title: CARC  ISSUES                                                                                    

Document Number:         13

Folder SEQ  #:         72

                                              DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                              ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND
                                        UNITED STATES ARMY SUPPORT GROUP
                                               APO New York 09616

                 SDSSG-YO                                                             5 Apr 1991

                 HEMORANDUs,t FOR REC@@RD

                 SUB.7f;CT: Paint Operations in SWA

                 1.   References:

                      a. AR 385-20, Chapter 3, Paragraph 3-1,e.

                      b. Techn4-cal@ Guide @io. 144, "GUidel-.nes for Controlling, Health
                 Hazards 4.r. Paint4-rg operations.

                      c. '@'S A@y Safety Center, X Safety Support Pamphle@@-C!,.em,.cal
                 Agent Resistant coating.                 k

                      d. 1-1@@ @y Safety Center, A safety Support Panphlet-Sp,@,.@-., Ila4-nt
                 and Pa4.n4l, Booth @.Perations.

                 Z.   T@e pa@-n@- -.zera@14-ons set ap in '.4cve:aber and  December an,@1.3-crated
                 @@r-ugh Feb.-.,ar-I     apply the I)eser- Tan @@R@ do -.act meet sa        t:,,,

                      -'ie -Allowing dec@c4encies -.eed to be corrected pr4or

                      a.                     Pa--.-it and solzen@s are classed    as f'am.-.a"le
                        s  w4.@..i .@-7 a.3@ z;oints @z appro:cimatali 113 degrees            b @@ a
                 operat@-r,r..s       I-e separated from poten-@:.a;. sour=es i-.
                 3@@ le3St E-@@ -@=-et.     powered exhaus@@ s-Istems are used as :r.
                              @a4--.t I.cot@s t'24.z recrj4.rament may '.-e -,-d-aced t@ :-" @@eet.

                      ,b.   4glt4ng: light f4x@ures, cor@ sets, switc@es and @-t@er
,s and adjace-it areas t5o f-- cr Z^@ 4@,-;
                 shall be !zazai7@- zated (explosion proof).

                      C. Equ4.pmen@, @@roundi-.ig: All eq-j4.pment will be grounded and
                 @@or,de,@' @,-"preven@- '--u4.ld up of s@@at4@c el@ec--:,@@city.

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