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Subject: SITUATION REPORT  12TH MED DET PMS  15 APR 91                   

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005154

Folder Title: PREVENTIVE MEDICINE-ENVIRONMENTAL THREAT-USAEHA                                                 

Document Number:         11

Folder SEQ  #:         71

                                   DEPAR    T OF THE ARKY
                               12TH MEDICAL DETACHMENT (PMS)
                                   APO NEW YORK, NY 09772

             AFRD-MD-PHS                                          15 April 1991

             MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, U.S. ARCENT REDCOM, ATTN: Preventive
                            Medicine Consultant, APO NY 09772

             SUBJECT: Situation Report

             1. Introduction. This memorandum summarizes the situation,
             plans, and potential problems affecting the 12th MED DET and its
             mission of providing preventive medicine support to EAC assets.

             2. Concept. Current Preventive Medicine assets of the 12th MED
             DET include the AM Headquarters Team, four LB Teams and the 983rd
             MED DET (LB). These teams are deployed to meet current
             preventive medicine needs in theatre. As troop populations
             decrease, teams will be withdrawn to the Dhahran area to prepare
             for redeployment from there.

             3.  Current Team Locations.

                 a. Riyadh area: 12th MED DET AM Team and LB Team #4.

                 b. KKMC area: 12th MED DET LB Teams #1 and #3.

                 C. Dhahran area: 12th MED DET LB Team #2 and 983rd MED DET.

             4.  Relocation Plans. The planned moves of teams are:

                 a. Team #1 to Dhahran area.

                 b. AM Team and Team #4 to Dhahran area. A rear party will
             cover Riyadh area and left behind equipment (if permanent
             presence is needed).

                 C.  983rd MED DET and half of 12th MED DET return to CONUS
             (on 15 May 1991).

                 d. Team #3 to Dhahran area. If necessary, a rear party will
             remain to cover KKHC.

                 e.  85th Evac Hosp, reinforced by HSC fillers from 12th RED
             DET and CONUS, assumes full preventive medicine responsibilities.

mainder of 12th MED DET returns to CONUS.

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