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Subject: SHIPMENT OF UNIT MASCOTS TO CONUS                               

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005154

Folder Title: MAJOR STALLINGS                                                                                 

Document Number:         19

Folder SEQ  #:         95


                                     DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                               HEADQUARTERS, 44TH MEDICAL BRIGADE
                                          APO NY 09773
            AFVH-XA-CS                                            27 February 199@
            MEMORANDUM THRU Commander, lst Corps Support Command, TTN. G-3 (MAJ
                              Parker), APO NY 09877

            FOR Corps Surgeon, XVIII Airborne Corps, APO NY 09161

            SUBJECT: Shipment of Unit Mascots to CONUS

            1. Official CINC/ARCENT policy for Operation Desert Stom. states that
            no wild or domestic animals will be adopted as pets/mascots. This
            message further precludes any veterinary assets from treating or irmuni-
            zing these animals (Encl 1).

            2. Veterinarians assigned to this command have received numerous requests
            from individuals and units concerning the shipment of adopted mascots
            back to CONUS upon cessation of hostilities. The method of proposed
            shipment is assumed to be military chartered flights.

            3. Telephonic conversation between the ARCENT Surgeon's Office and
            Staff Veterinarian, 44th Medical Brigade on 20 February reaffirmed
            the policy as stated in paragraph one. This office further stated
            that no adopted animals will be shipped back to CONUS from this theater
            of operations.

            4. Request the widest dissemination of this information to unit commanders
            within the XVIII Airborne Corps.

            FOR TtiE COMMANDER:

                                              EORGE S. ROBINSON
                                               C, Ms
                                             Chief of Staff

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