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File: 092496_jun96_decls16_0001.txt
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Subject: OPORD 64 90 FRAGO 4                                             

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX000218

Folder Title: 525-2B-8 PORT OPNS FORCE MODERNIZATION                                                          

Document Number:          6

Folder SEQ  #:        158

                                                       HHC,Ist ID(F)
                                     UNCLASSIFIED      DHARRAN,SAUDI ARABIA
                                                       051200 FEB 91


         TASK ORGANIZATION: See Annex A.

         1. SITUATION.

           a. Enemy Forces. No change from basic INSUM.
           b. Friendly Forces. All Vil Corps priority vehicles have been or will
         be painted given the current plan. In addition,several thousand other
         vehicles, tracks and wheels, have been painted. The VII Corps continues
         to deploy, with a number of vehicles deploying to the field without being
         CARC painted.
         2. MISSION. The 2d COSCOM CARC paints VII Corps vehicles in the TAA
         effective 5 February 1991.

         3. EXECUTION.

           a. Commander's Intent:

               (1) To CARC paint as many vehicle as possible in the TAA that
         weren't painted in the ISA as a result of shortages of paint or
         requirements to move to the TAA before being painted.
               (2) To provide 2d COSCOM with technical experts and equipment to
         establish, and complete painting VII Corps vehicles as paint supplies

           b. Concept of the Operation.
                (1) General. The 2d COSCOM assumes the mission of painting Vil
         Corps vehicles in the TAA. The operation will be executed in four phases.
                (2) Phase I (Equipment Transfer / Preparation for Movement). The
         593d ASG and the Army Material Command (AMC) will sign the required
         equipment over to 2d COSCOM on 5 February 1991 to establish two paint
         lines. An additional two paint lines will be transferred to the 2d COSCOM
         upon the completion of the paint operations in the Port of Da=an on or
         around 8 February 1991.
                (3) Phase II ( Establishing CARC Paint Site in the TAA). 2d
 CARC paint site. AMC provides technical experts to
         set up @nd supervise the paint site in the TAA, paint @ipment, paint,
         and taping materials to prep vehicles. The 593d ASG provides the
         maintenance tents to paint in. The 2d COSCOM p@ovides the personnel,
         leadership, and limited equipment to run the site.
                (4) Phase III (Paint Operations). The 2d COSCOM conducts CARC
         paint operations in the TAA
                (5) Phase IV ( Termination of Paint operations in the TAA). The
         2d COSCOM is responsible for the disposal of the Maintenance Tents,
         hazardous waste, and the transport of equipment back to AMC.


                                              DECLASSIFIED ON 13 Sep 1996 PER SECA Y (DAMH) UP SEC 3.4
                                              EO 12958.

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