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Subject: HEAT AND OR COMFORT INDICES                                     

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005158

Folder Title: GENERAL SAFETY AWARNESS FILES                                                                   

Document Number:         41

Folder SEQ  #:         41



         SUBJECT: Heat/Com+ort Indices

         1. Reference CB tasker concerning training in the heat.

         2. The VII Corps weather teams (WETMS) at the corps headquarters,
         divisions, regiment, and aviation brigade can provide a heat 'index
         which is comparable to the Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) index
         solely provided by the corps surgeon.

         -@. The Apparent Temperature Index (ATI) uses a combination of
         temperature and relative humidity to compute the index, while the
         WBGT uses three temperature inputs--air temperature, dew-point
         (wet-bulb) temperature and a "black-globe" temperature. Each WETM has
         measuring equipment required to complete the ATI computation. Since
         each WETM takes an observation of air temperature and dew-point
         temperature at least once each hour, this poses no problem and is part

         Of Our charter. The relationship between air and dew-point
         temperatures provides a relative humidity; comparing the temperature
         and relative humidity provides an apparent temperature. There is some

         correlation between the WBGT and ATI:

                             General Threshold Temperatures

             WBGT                   Danger Category                   ATI

             E32oF                     Caution                    E3OoF - 9UoF
                       Discretion used in planning heavy
                       exercise for unseasoned personnel.

             85oF                   Extreme Caution               9OoF - 105oF
                       Sunstroke, heat cramps, and heat
                       exhaustion possible with prolonged
                       exposure and physical activity.
                       Strenuous exercises such as marching
                       at standard cadence should be suspended
                       during first .3 weeks in area. At this
emperature training activities may be
                       continued on a reduced scale after the
                       third week.

            SBOF                        Danger                    105oF   l3OoF
                       Sunstroke, heat cramps, or heat
                       exhaustion likely, heat stroke possible
                       with prolonged exposure and physical
                       activity. Strenuous exercises should
                       be curtailed +or personnel with less
                       than 12 weeks training in hot weather.

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