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Subject: AFTER ACTION REVIEW  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                          

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005401

Folder Title: AAR                                                                                             

Document Number:          6

Folder SEQ  #:         29

                                AFTER ACTION REVIEW

                                 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

           1. The primary mission of the 22nd Support Command during

           the period 25 May to 15 December 1991 was redeployment of

           personnel, retrograde of equipment, and support of future

           short- or longterm contingency missions. At the conclusion

           of the war, we began to address a number to issues that came

           as a result of our tremendous successes from not only the air

           and ground but also the logistics operations. The numbers of

           personnel and equipment need not be mentioned here; they are

           well documented in the After Action Report that followed

           Desert Storm. The primary concern was moving these massive

           numbers of soldiers and equipment out of the theater as

           quickly and safely as we had brought them in. This was a

           dramatic contrast to World War 11 and Korea, where we never

           closed out the theater, and in Vietnam, where we redeployed

           personnel but left virtually everything else behind.

           Consequently, we had no prior foundation on which to base the

           tasks that lay ahead. We developed a Prepositioning and

           Retrograde Plan that divided our actions into three phases:

               A. Phase I    Retrograde and Reception

               B. Phase II    Materiel Movement

               C. Phase III    Transition to Closeout

           2. Phase I - Retrograde and Reception

               a. Soldiers of the VII and XVIII Corps began to redeploy

           almost immediately after the initial cease fire on I March

           91. This redeployment brought the war fighters home at an

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