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Subject: CARC PAINTING                                                   

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005154

Folder Title: CARC  ISSUES                                                                                    

Document Number:         16

Folder SEQ  #:         72

            Memorandum For Record
            SUBJECT: CARC Painting

            1. The following are salient issues related to health and safety
            concerns from CARC painting in the SWA theater.

                a. Issue: Initial concern about health and safety.

            Discussion: In early December 1990,, CARC painting operations began
            in Jubail.      The first week,. there were inadequate personal
            protection measures in use. However, once discovered, operations
            ceased,  industrial hygienist and safety visited,           reviewed
            procedures, and corrected.

                b. Issue: Medical actions taken and effects of exposure.

            Discussion: on 16-19 December an occupational medicine physician
            and industrial hygienist visited the site and evaluated 19 soldiers
            of the 325th Maintenance company: five had symptoms related to
            inhalation of solvent fumes and fourteen had possible symptoms
            from contact with isocyanites found in the paint. Each soldier
            was personally briefed on safety measures, told to avoid further
            contact with isocyanite based paint, and told that they could
            continue painting operations if totally protected from contact
            with the paint. Unit command representatives were also briefed.
            No long-term after-effects are expected from exposure of any of
            these personnel.

                c. Issue: Resumption of painting operations.
            Discussion: In mid-April, painting operations resumed for units
            redeploying to VII Corps. Safety, and occupational medicine visits
            were made at the site. safety briefings were provided to each work
            shift and medical guidance provided to all personnel. Each person
            was fit tested with a respirator and anyone with an upper
            respiratory infection or poor mask fit was excluded from painting.
re instructed on proper work-rest cycles and mask fit

                d. Issue: Additional safety measures.

            Discussion: Additional safety equipment was ordered and installed
            as it arrived, to preclude any exposure to carbon monoxide from air

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