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Subject: CHEM NOTES  20 JAN 91                                           

Unit: 2D ACR      

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box  ID: BX001703

Folder Title: CHEMICAL NOTES                                                                                  

Document Number:          1

Folder Seq  #:         41



       1. Up to this date Iraq has not used chemical weapons. It has not been
       determined whether he actually has chemical warheads for SCUD missiles or

       2. M256 kits. Ensure that at least every other vehicle has one test
       packet. Convoys and single vehicles be sure M256 kits are on hand. There
       is currently no resupply of M256 kits available--use them wisely. There
       are special procedures +or using kits in a desert environment. The nerve
       test spot must be rewet with liquid in ampoule no. 3, five minutes after
       exposure. You can find this and other good information in AMCCOM TM
       EQUIPMENT (CDE). This booklet was distributed through ALOC troop

       3. MBAI alarms. Alarms should be emplaced but do not operate until order
       comes down to initate monitoring. We have a limited supply of batteries.
       Remember these detect nerve agent only. If the alarm sounds, remain calm,
       mask, give the alarm, and verify with M256 kit. If the first kit reads
       negative, try.another to be sure and then initiate unmasking procedures.
       False alarms from MB's are rare.

       4. MS and M9 paper. M9 paper should be placed on vehicles prior, to
       movement to FAA. Be sure that MS is on hand. Remember these detect
       liquid hazards only. M9 will detect liquid vapors, but MS detects liquids
       only. NOTE: MB and M9 must be read with WHITE light, be sure white light
      -is available when needed.

       5. Battle Dress Overgarments(BDO). 4th Sqdn picked up 40 suits, size
       LARGE only. They will be equally distributed to troops.

       6. NBC warning and reporting system. It is very important that
       individual troops have the ability to send correct NBC 1 and 4 reports and
       to be able to use all other reports that will come down from higher

       7. Be sure to properly diagnose chemical agent casualties, ie do not
       give ATROPINE to someone suffering from MUSTARD.

       8. 87th Chem recon assets (FUCHS vehicles) will be in the AO. They will
       help you, don't -Fire them up. FUCHS have "US" in large black letters an
       sides and top. Contaminated areas will be marked with yellow and red
       marker +lags and or YELLOW chem lights.

       9. Troop NBC personnel should make one more final check to ensure all
       soldiers have 2 ICE packs, serviceable masks, atropine injectors, and be
       sure all troop NBC equipment is serviceable and on hand.

       10. Decon with STB. Use twc) shovels of STB mixed with three shovels of
       sand or dirt. Leave it on the vehicle for 30 minutes then brush it off.
       Personal gear: use STB full strength with brush.

       li. Remember, we are prepared for chemical warfare. Our equipment and
       SOP's will work IF soldiers don't panic and forget everything they've
       learned. Keep a COOL head and do what must be done to survive and kick
       saddams ass!

       LT MORRIS, 4th sqdn CHEMO(REDCATCHER 12)

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