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Subject: OPERATION DESERT STORM                                          

Unit: 2D ACR      

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box  ID: BX001704

Folder Title: HISTORICAL RECORDS OF OPERATION DESERT STORM                                                    

Document Number:          5

Folder Seq  #:         61

                                   OPERATION DESERT STORM"

               The 87th Chemical Company was initially augmented -with Ist platoon of
         the Ilth Chemical Company 2d Coscom -for decontamination support and 172d
         Chemical (Mech Smoke) Company (-) -for smoke support. 'The task organization
         during the operation had two decontamination platoons under regimental
         support   squadron and the reconnaisance platoon split up by squads
         supporting second and third squadrons with one squad in general support.
         The nuclear, biological and chemical element mas foorking out a+ the
         regimental TOC and TAC.
               On 23 February the company moved behind 2d squadron and 44est of RSS.
         The line of departure was 15 kilometers to the north of our position. The
         company anxiously awaited in anticipation for the movement north.
               The next morning, 24 Feb at 1030 hours, the company crossed the
         infamous berm into Iraq at passage point 15. 1 noticed an engineer vehicle
         parked on the South side of the berm and a wooden sign that read, "
         Welcome to    Iraq, made possible by the 82d Engineer Battalion." From that
         point on,    it was "-forward ever, backward never". The company halted at
         phase line Bud       and linked up with the smoke platoon who had crossed the
         clay before with 2nd squadron. We moved north another 35 kilometers to
         phase line Melon and halted +or the night. A MLRS battery was lighting up
         the sty 3tist east of our position in 3rd squadrons sector.
             At 0730 hours, 25 February, we continued our movement north. Monitoring
         -Four different radio nets, we were able to keep accurate reports a+ the
         progress to our -Front as well as staying in touch with adjacent units. At
         1100 hours we came across enemy foxhole positions. Some of the soldiers
         operation the company continued moving in a northeasterly direction. We
         continued to find more discarded weapons which the track wrecker driver
         enjoyed crushing as part a+ the war effort.
             Around t4OO hours the smoke platoon spotted two enemy soldiers on their
         right flank who were sitting on the ground. The security element for RSS
         sent a tank over to police them up so we pressed on. At the end of the day
         we established a defensive position just south of phase line Smash.
                   The company stayed in position +or the next 36 hours for
         reconstitution.     On 27 February we moved east -enroute to the next
         objective.    The RSS security element started engaging a company of
         mechanized infantry an our right -flank at OYOO hours. The smoke platoon
         maneuvered    to    cover    our   wheeled vehicles from becoming engaged.
         Fortunately the tanks didn't shoot in our direction even though they were
         to our right rear when the -fire -fight started. The attack helicopters came
         in when the area was clear of all 4riondlies. The -Fighting stopped as
         quickly as it started with 10 or so enemy KIA'S. The soldiers realized
         then and there how quick someone can die in combat. The company halted
         -five kilometers north , of phase line Miller with all personnel and
         equipment in tact.
               The next day we moved 55 kilometers etpt into Kuwait. The country was
         liberated                               'it
                      and, -@he       Idi@s     -Fa   pr4Wd of their accomplishments.
         Fortunately ch mical tirofare didn@t com-e- in to play albeit the 87th
         Chemical Company was more than ready to meet the challenge a+ protecting
         and sustaining the Force.                              REVIEWED By
                                                                HaflanW.              3K$
                                  Date: -

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