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Subject: OPERATIONS SUMMARY 7 APR 91                                     

Unit: ARCENT      

Parent Organization: CENTCOM     

Box  ID: BX000531

Folder Title: LOG AND REPORT 8-9 APR 91                                                                       

Document Number:         20

Folder Seq  #:         83

    From: CDR, 3AD
    To: CDR, VII Corps, G3          UNCLASSIFIED
    DATE: 071800c APR 91 to 081800c APR 91
    Part 1: Operations SuaLnary: The 3AD continued its mission of security along
    the DNM, interdiction of                                                        -my
                                 traffic on Highway 8, the destruction of ene
    equipment/ammunition in sec@@o, and humanitarian aid. The Ist and 3rd Bdes
    escorted the Saudi SOF contingent along the DML from 0830-1500 today. The
    contingent was passed over to the 1AD vic CPC (QU353726) at 1505. Demolition
    of ammunition dumps in the 3rd Bde secto- were postponed for 24 hours. The 3rd
    Bde will destroy a total of 177 tons of ammunition at three separate
    (QU354717, QU392535 and QU320507) 1500-1600, 9 Apr. (Discom will conduct a
    reconnaissance of the three additional ammunition sites), IAW Corps Frago
    201-91, beginning 090800c Apr. The assessment of logistical requirements to
    execute that mission will be forwarded to Corps 091800c Apr. Two Vtl9llAl
    (45 cal) pistols were reported missing by A/4-18 Inf at 080901c Apr 91. The
    company continues to search for the weapons. A 15-6 investigation has been

    Part II: Plans Summary: Current planning focuses on the defense of Southern

    PART III: Commander's operational Plans: Contingency planning for the Defense
    of Northern Kuwait and redeployment to FR(3.
    PART IV: Comrrander's Comments: This Division has requested additional @OD
    assets fo- the Safwan clearance operation. Furthe-, this D4vision has requested
    tha@ such EOD support be given a specific command'relation;hip with the 3AD.
    ARC;NT EOD teams, currently working in the Safwan area, are not responsive to
    this Division's requirements in the Safwan area. This has caused severe problems
    in both *.he areas of safety and mission accomplishment.

    PART V: Daily Report of Civil Military Operations

                                            Last 24 Hrs          Total

    a.   #cases MREs distributed to civilians                352             15971

    b.   #cases/gals water distributed to civilians 1870                       7053

    C.   ucases MRE 0/li for distribution                    N/A             17093

    d.   #cases water O/H for distribution                   N/A             21.766

    e.   #civilian medical patients treated                  1039            @2899

    f.   #displaced civilians in Division Sector             N/A               5600

    g.   The following was distributed from bulk supplies:         20,200 lbs of 8 Rations
                         DECLASSIFIED                                  40 cases of milk
         UNCLASSIFIED    ON: 06 JAN 97                                 50 gal of water
                         RV. SEC ARMY (DAMH) UNDER SEC 3.4 EO 12958

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