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Subject: 1ST CAVALRY DIVISION CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS                       

Unit: 1ST CD      

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box  ID: BX001102

Folder Title: 1ST CAVALRY DIVISION CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS                                                       

Document Number:          1

Folder Seq  #:         21

              penetration). The S-4 located 309 additional Hellfires and
              fuel assets in the 43d CSG, and escorted them to a new FARP
              site. The Brigade conducted refresher training for the 43d CSG
              fuel handlers on 15 JAN.

                During th;s period,there were numerous instances of Arab
              Na@lionals attempting to breach the perimeter. Local Bedouin
              were used to crossing the area at will', and some were
              undoubtedly curious about the aircraft. This kept the guards
              and the S-2 busy responding to r;ports of suspicious vehicles.
              one such instance involved two Arabs in a pickup truck which
              stopped directly in front of the 1-3 A@@k Hel Bnls Ammo Holding
              Area. They were detained while awaiting the MP's. Although
              given a 8-d'gi@, grid coordinate near a well-travelled road,
              the MP's never arrived and the Arabs were eventually released.

                 A majo- concern was operation of AH64 crews under NBC
              conditions. The M43 protective mask-is the only mask in the
              Army inventory which is compatible with the A1164's sighting
              systems. It is also the only protective mask which is
              compatible with NVG'S, making it important to other types of
              aircraft as well. While the 1-227 Atk Hel Bn had the M43 mask;
              the 1-3 Ark tiel Bn had none. A fielding team for the M43 masks
              arrived on 14 jAN and conducted new equipment training and
              mask .4itting for the next two days. Training was conducted for---.
              1-3, 1-227 and D-227 lwhich had several M43 masks for use In
              OH58D night m@ssions).

                 15 VAN: The Brigade TOC received a radio call from ILT
              Trujillo of 2-58 Avn (the attached ATC platoon); he was at
              KKMC and had observed numerous personnel in MOP?4. An MP had
ted him to don his protective mask. Following several
              frantic phone calls, we leazned that an Air Force unit at XXMC
              was conducting NBC refresher training, but had not coordinated
              their actions with adjacent units, including the ist Cav Div.
              The choice of train;ng dates (President Bush's -ultimatum to
              Saddam Hussein was to depart Kuwait by 15 JAN) probably added
              to the confusion.

                 16 JAN: Informed that 4468 -Lac Recon Group would launch
              three drones on 17 ;A-N (0300-0500, 0800-1000; 2200-2400 hrs).
              Units instructed to keep aircraft clear of launch sites during
              these times. lst Bde had an 1-18 Chemical Alarm alerting; a
              chemical survey of the area produced negative results, and it
              was determined to be a false alarm caused by emplacing the @t8
              too close to vehicle exhausts. Units were advised of the
              possibility of false alarms from this source. SINGARS Retrans
              system installed in three vehicles (Bde Commo, 1-3 Atk Hel Bn
              and 1-227 Atk He! Bn).

                    JAN: Rece4ved lst CAV FPAGO 491-6. Inforred (0215 hrs)
              @lha- ARCE.%;- OFLP-,4 ooi is in effect; 100 TOMARAVIK cruise
              missiles launched against enemy. Brigade Instructed to begin

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