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Subject: 1ST CAVALRY DIVISION CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS                       

Unit: 1ST CD      

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box  ID: BX001102

Folder Title: 1ST CAVALRY DIVISION CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS                                                       

Document Number:          1

Folder Seq  #:         21

                                                                                  /.%r O-A @ll

                           AVIATION BRIGADE, !St CAVALRY DIVISION
                                     CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS

                   8 JAN 1991: The Aviation Brigade prepared to move its main
              body to TAA WENDY, where an airfield was under construction.
              The brigade was also preparing to support division defensive
              operations in the event of an enemy spoiling at-lack. Aircraft
              were being uploaded with HELLFIRE missiles; 30mm had been
              loaded for weapons system verification and remained uploaded.
              No 2.75" rockets were loaded yet, due to safety considerations
              (static electricity in the dry desert environment could cause
              premature firing). The brigade was alerted to the t-ansit
              flight of three French Gazelle helicopters. close coordination
              was important, since a marking system had not yet been
              established to distinguish friendly from enemy Gazelles.

                  The brigade also received an on order mission to support
              refueling of XVIrl Airborne Corps aircraft. This would require
              up to 230,000 gallons of fuel. with a surge capacity of up to
              .50,000 gallons in a 12-hour timeframe. .

                  9 JAN: The brigade received Ist Cav Div FRAGO 91-1
              (Defense of WADI AL BATIN). The brigade prepared to accept-an--.----.-,-
              Air Assault task force from the 101st Airborne Division o,O;
              the brigade would support a divisional defense from the WADI
              to Logbase Echo. The brigade would destroy enemy armor
concentrations vicinity Engagement Areas (EA) C@E, HAWK, and
              SPARROW, with support from CAS and DIVARTY assets. One
              battalion was placed on a 30-minute standby to respond to
              Level III threats against KKMC or TAA WENDY.      The Brigade
              Commander instructed battalion commanders to      be prepared to
              move aviation assets forward on short notice      if required  for
              defensive operations.

                  By this time, the Brigade, with engineer      assistance,  had
              completed i-3 Atk Hel   Bnls Holding Area  (AHA), and IS
              @ 'pads. Three UH60     pads and four POL pads    were also
              complete. Work was beginning on the 1-227 Atk He! Sn's portion
              of the airfield. The Brigade XO (LTC Killgore) located 2.75"
              rockets (M?S@ll illumination, smoke and flechettes) for later
              pickup. 10 JAN: l@-227 closed to TAA WENDY with all its

                  Ground vehicles began their movement shortly thereafter,
              with -,he Brigade TOC arriving on 11 January. All 1-3 Atk Hel
              Bnls aircraft had arrived at @AA WENDY by 12 January. The
              remainder of HHT, '@-3 Atk Hel Bn and E-227 a--rived by 14
              January. The Brigade received add2@lional instuctions on 13
              JAN, changing the defense to EA FALCON, CULL, ROBIN, PELICAN
              or CROW. The Brigade was to be prepared to assume OPCON of 2-6
              Avn Bn (based on release of VII corps to counter an enemy

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